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Tracking Cell – the Next Generation Phone Tracker

Tracking Cell is one of the best cell phone tracker products available on the market today and can be used on Android and iOS devices. As soon as you have installed the program, you can track phones through real time GPS location, meaning you always know where it is, track every single text message that is sent or received, view the contact list on the device and check what media files are stored on it, as well as more.

The Different Cell Phone Tracker Options

Tracking Cell phone is a feature-rich software that provides you an advanced cell phone tracking.

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How to start tracking?


1. Download & Install

Download and install Tracking Cell phone software on any compatible smartphone device.


2. Extracting Data

The application will extract data from the device on a regular basis. Incognito!


3. Tracking

Visit your online panel and track all smartphone's activities and data.

You can track phones at home or in the office, ensuring your children are safe and that your employees are actually doing their jobs. The perfect, hidden solution that will give you complete peace of mind. You can make sure your children are not pulling the wool over your eyes in terms of where they are going, and you can check they are not the victim of cyber bullying. In terms of employees, it allows you to ensure that they do not misuse the liberties and trust that have been placed in them.