Data security

Encrypted Data Transfer and Storage

We are extremely dedicated to the security of the data that is being transferred and kept on our servers.

All device data is collected and instantly encrypted. Then it is transmitted and stored in encrypted format on our servers. The access is only possible by entering e-mail address and password sent by the system. All data transmission is done using the industry standard SSL/TLS encryption. This guarantees that it cannot be eavesdropped by third parties, like ISPs or telecoms. No data goes in plain text and unencrypted at any time. 

The information sent by the phone is stored on encrypted storage.The content of extracted data is encrypted and cannot be seen by our system administrators. The only person who can see the extracted data in an unencrypted format is you via the web interface. Our system administrators can only see the count of collected data and the time of the last update. Note that we do not send any unsolicited messages to e-mail addresses.

Rest assured that TrackingCell respects your privacy and protects your information. All extracted data is sent and stored in encrypted format. Therefore TrackingCell uses the industry standard security protocols SSL/TSL.

The SSL/TLS protects all sensitive information and privacy. We guarantee that no one shall have access to your private admin area. TrackingCell has all necessary encryption and security systems. It ensures 100% security of its data transfers and encrypted storages. Access to the Private Area is only possible using your e-mail address and password. All communication is also encrypted by SSL/TSL protocols.

Co-location and Servers Security

MobileMontor dedicated servers are located in a secured co-location facility. The safety of your data is very important for us. We do not share any of the information with anyone, except when it is required by the authorities, applicable laws or your explicit consent. We do not collect any information besides the e-mail address which is necessary in order to send the login information and for the payment processing. Information that can be used for statistical purposes is separated from the information about a particular user account and it can be presented in different forms.We choose carefully the partners who we are working with - contractors, service providers and other partners including payment collection providers.

Personal Data Operator

Our company is registered as Personal Data Operator with the Government and we are officially authorized to keep personal data on our servers. We cover all requirements of the Government for collecting and keeping data. See also Data Protection Declaration.

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