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SIM Change Notification Overview


TrackingCell cell phone tracking application informs you when there is a new SIM card inserted in the device. You will get a notification when the Smartphone SIM Card has been changed and you will be able to continue monitoring the target cell phone. You can see the exact date/time of SIM swap and the number of the new SIM card.

TrackingCell cell phone tracker works independently of the smartphone SIM card. In case of theft you can carry on monitoring the cell phone activities and keep track of the thief's calls, text messages and contacts on the new SIM card. He or she will never be able to find out that the phone's owner is monitoring him/her . TrackingCell increases your chances of finding and recovering your lost phone.

Once installed on the smartphone, the TrackingCell tracking software is completely hidden and undetectable. It is an application that works invisibly. The smartphone thief will not be made aware in any visual way of the monitoring activities carried out on the phone.

Supported platforms for this feature:


The number of the new SIM card is available only if the smartphone user has entered it!