TrackingCell is 100% Undetectable and Hidden!

Undetectable Overview


Once installed on the smartphone, TrackingCell cell phone tracking application is completely hidden and undetectable. It is a mobile monitor that works invisibly. There are no visual indicators suggesting of the monitoring activities.

When you complete the installation steps, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your account details. You can monitor all smartphone activities from your TrackingCell Private Area. You need to login to your TrackingCell Private Area in order to monitor the target cell phone data. Login is possible by entering e-mail address and password.

There is no way to detect the remote monitoring application on the target phone. There is no icon or other kind of visual presentation in the list of applications to suggest mobile monitoring activities. In case it is impossible not to be present there, it is included in the list under some unsuspicious name, such as a GPS service.

Supported platforms for this feature: