Get Notifications of the Device New Location

Area Tracking Overview


Are you wondering if your child is skipping the school?
Are you sure that your child isn't at a party while saying that he/she is at a friend's house?
Want to learn why your employees always delay with the company deliveries?

Area Tracking feature is a unique feature and all you need to find out the truth.

Tracking Cell has an extremely useful feature for you if you wish to be instantly alerted when your kids leave the school boundaries or employees - the office. This feature is designed for you if want to know when the target cell phone enters in forbidden area. Now you will be able to know when your target goes out to the allowed boundaries and goes to the forbidden area.

In your Private area you will find user-friendy interface with instructions how to draw an area on the map. Specify the area boundaries using the mouse and enter the area name. Do not forget to choose the type of the area 'Notify if inside' or 'Notify if outside' and you will be instantly notified with an Email if the cell phone enters in the created area or leaves it.

Beside of receiving an e-mail notification you could view a detailed tracking log about the areas in your Tracking Cell Private area.

Supported platforms for this feature:


You can inactivate or delete created areas and you will stop receiving notifications for them. You can active them again at any time.