Track All Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls

Call History Overview


Every parent wonders if their children receive calls from unknown numbers!

Every employer has concerns for the proper usage of the company cell phones!

Tracking Cell is the best cell phone tracking software that shows you who your children or employees are calling or receiving calls from. The most fascinating is the fact that you will be totally hidden and incognito in doing so. This cell phone tracker, free of charge for the first 24 hours, has the power to show you all call logs of your children or employees and stay unnoticed.

Keep an eye on who they are in contact with, when and for how long they have talked. See how many times they have called the same contact from the Address Book. Watch detailed call log with all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. You can even see rejected and unsuccessfully made calls of the target cell phone.

With Tracking Cell software installed on the target cell phone, you have the option of tracking even Skype and Viber calls anytime and anywhere. All you need is to login to your Tracking Cell Private Area and you will find a chronological record of all phone calls with their date, time, duration and related numbers. The Private Area can be accessed easily from any hotspot in the world.

You can download all call logs from your Tracking Cell Private Area to your personal computer and use them as a proof if you need.

Supported platforms for this feature:


Even if the calls are cleared from the Cell Phone Call History, you will still be able to watch them on your Private Area. With Tracking Cell application installed on your target cell phone, you will be able to see all deleted calls after the installation of the application. Note that you cannot see the erased call history before the Tracking Cell has been installed on the cell phone.