Track Entered Contacts in the Phone Address Book

Address Book Overview


Tracking Cell shows you the entire list with the cell phone contacts with their Address Book names.

You just need to login to your private areaby entering your e-mail address and password. Under the Address Book feature you will find the count of message and calls related with each phone number. By clicking on the particular Contact you can view detailed Contact History about it- names, positions, company names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, web sites. You can find out if there are any suspicious or unknown people, saved in the cell phone Contacts Book. Furthermore, you can see the content of all last calls and messages from/to this contact.

You can easily back up the entire cell phone contact lists and access them from any place in the world. By installing Tracking Cell Tracker on the phone you will create an archive with all contacts and keep them safe on your personal computer. They will be still saved there, even if the cell phone's user has deleted them from the device.

Besides, each new added contact in the Cell Phone Contacts Book will be copied instantly to your Tracking Cell private area . You will be informed about any changes in the existing contacts simply by taking a look at the contact history.

Supported platforms for this feature:


Tracking Cell ensures the complete security of the cell phone data. No one beside you can access your Private Area. All information on the cell phone will first be encrypted, then sent to your Private Area.