Monitor All Images Saved on the Cell Phone

Images Overview


Do you know what images your kid downloads from Internet?
Wants to see all images on your company phones?

Keep track of all taken, copied and downloaded images with the date and time of their creation. Make sure that your kid's cell phone does not contain inappropriate images or your employees do not take pictures of confidential documents and not promulgate them !

Even the user deletes some of the images from the cell phone memory, you will have them on your secure Private Area. Tracking Cell encrypts the infomation before upload it to the web account. It ensures the security of your cell phone data and protects it from being reviewed. You are the only person who can access the cell phone data.

Installing Tracking Cell on your own cell phone, you can store an unlimited number of photos on your Private Area. If you wish to send some of them to your friends, you can easily export them to your personal computer and create an archive of all images. You won't lose your family photos and memories even if the cell phone breaks or gets lost.

Supported platforms for this feature:


Tracking Cell application sends all images to your Private area only when the target cell phone connects to Wi-Fi Internet connection.