Control Application Activities Remotely

Remote Web Control Overview


TrackingCell is created to make your life easier. It is a cell phone monitoring and tracking application which is absolutely hidden and undetectable.

TrackingCell allows you to uninstall the application on the cell phone without the need of any physical contact with the target device. You need only to login to your Private Area and follow further settings instructions. You can always reinstall it on the cell phone.

From your secure web control panel, you can delete all the information we have already collected about the activities of this cell phone.

From your TrackingCell Private Area you can easily set the time intervals for the collected cell phone data to be uploaded to your Private Area. Select the time intervals you wish. You can change the settings whenever you want.

Supported platforms for this feature:


If once the mobile monitoring application is uninstalled, it can't be installed again remotely. You need the have the cell phone physically in your hands and install the application manually. You have to know that once the information is deleted, you cannot restore it. It will be permanently deleted.