Take a look at all Skype history

Skype Overview


Now, TrackingCell tracking application allows you to watch all Skype activities. Skype is a free application that lets your kid and employees make and receive calls, chat using instant messages with anyone else who is having Skype installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

This app is widely used from all teens and members of business team because it is free to download, works over 3G or Wi-Fi and gives the opportunity for making low-cost calls and SMS to another Skype users.

With TrackingCell application installed on your kid’s or employee’s phone you will find out who they are texting on Skype, when and for what. Check if your employees are in contact only with their colleagues or use Skype to getting in contact with competitors. See who your kids are called and what about they are texting on Skype. Take a look at all sent and received Skype messages. Learn everything.

Supported platforms for this feature:


This feature is supported from all iOS devices at this moment.