Keep Track of All Incoming and Outgoing Messages

SMS History Overview


Tracking Cell application allows you to keep track of all incoming and outgoing text messages of the tracked cell phone .

Read the content of the text messages, by whom and when they were sent. Find out what about your family members or employees are texting.

Tracking Cell application captures SMS at the moment of sending / receiving. As soon as there is a message activity on the cell phone, the installed software will immediately send a detailed log to your Private Area. So even if the user deletes some of them from the cell phone, you will still see the deleted messages in your Private Area. You can also sort out the SMS by date and time.

Protect all your sms correspondence. You can back up all message logs on your Private Area or simply download and savethem on your personal computer.

Tracking Cell is an absolutely hidden and invisibly working software. Cell phone users will not be notified in any way of the sms monitoring activity. Tracking Cell application makes a difference because it allows you to monitor all text messages exchanged via the cell phone operators and some of the most popular Instant Messengers such as What's app, Viber, iMessages, Skype.

Supported platforms for this feature:


Currently, Instant Messengers logs are only supported by the iOS devices.
With TrackingCell cell phone tracker installed on your target phone, you will be able to see all deleted text messages and conversations after the installation of the application. You cannot see the deleted history before the application has been installed on the cell phone.

The deleted messages aren't marked as deleted on your Private Area, because the application initially determines its type as incoming or outgoing. Later it can't recognize which of them were deteled.