Monitor Viber Messenger Correspondence

Viber Messenger Overview


Tracking Cell can monitor all Viber Logs - text messages with and without images, messages with and without GPS location, all types of Viber calls .

Viber is an application that lets the iOS and Android users make free calls and send text messages to any device which also has the Viber application installed. The Viber feature lets you to track entire calling and texting activity of your kids and employees, totally hidden and incognito.

Take a look at who your kids and employees are texting, when and for what. Check who they are in contact with, when and for how long they have talked. See the images exchanged via the Viber Messenger and learn the places where they were taken. Viber is widely used by teens and businesses because it's a free application which only requires an Internet connection.

Tracking Cell allows you to know all Viber Correspondence between the target cell phone and any Viber user - made calls, exchanged SMS and images - everywhere and anytime.

Supported platforms for this feature:


Viber Messenger is supported from the iOS devices at this moment.