How does TrackingCell work?


TrackingCell is an iPhone tracking and Android tracking software!

Step 1

TrackingCell can be used for tracking kids, tracking employees or backing up cell phone data. Installation of the iPhone tracking and Android tracking software is easy and simple. You need a physical contact with the device only for a few moments. After installation the TrackingCell software starts working completely incognito and undetectable. See the Installation Guide.

Step 2

The monitored iPhone or Android cell phone starts sending instantly and on a regular basis all data to your private area. When you login to your account, you will find Contacts and Calls, Sms History and GPS locations, Images and many more cell phone activities. To provide the best security, all data is sent in encrypted format. See all supported features.

Step 3

Having installed TrackingCell application once, you will receive your own account for accessing our system. To access all data, you just need to login to your account. Your TrackingCell web account is completely secure - the extracted data is transferred and saved in encrypted format. Take a look at the Demo account to see how your data would be arranged.

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