Control Your Children with our Cell Phone Tracking App


Protect your children with cell phone tracking software

Through cell phone tracking software, you are able to monitor – and therefore protect – your children remotely. The Tracking Cell phone detective is designed to be used on Android and iOS devices. After a quick and simple installation, you are able to make sure your children are not being bullied or groomed, that they are where they say they are and that they are not contacting the wrong people. You can monitor their phone history, so you know exactly who they have spoken to and how long for. You can view all their text messages, sent and received, as well as their videos, photos and contact list.

Cell Phone Tracking Software Lets You Track Your Kids in Real Time

Through the cell phone detective, you will always know exactly where your children are and where they have been during the day. The information is provided both in real time and chronologically, allowing you not just to always know where they are, but also where they have been, how they got there and how much time they spent at each location. Your children will never again be able to skip school if they have cell phone tracking software installed on their device.



The Cell Phone Detective Cannot Be Detected!

You no longer have to sneak in your son or daughter’s room in the middle of the night, trying to extract their devices from their fingers just to read their text messages. Simply install the cell phone tracking software and view their messages, their calls and their browser history at any time during the day, without them even knowing you are doing it. The cell phone detective cannot be detected itself, as it is a completely hidden application.

Your Own Private Area

One of the best things about the cell phone tracking software is that you will have your own personal private dashboard. Access to the dashboard is restricted to those who have the email address and password, which you will have set up when you signed on to the program. Only from the dashboard can any data be seen, as it is encrypted anywhere else. Hence, should someone intercept the data that is being sent, they will not be able to actually view it past its encrypted state.
The software truly offers the ultimate protection for keeping you and your children safe at all times, without anybody knowing you are doing it.