Protect Your Aging Parents


Protect Your Aging Parents from a Distance Using Their Cell Phones

Now you have the opportunity to track your aging parents from a distance with our TrackingCell application, installed on their cell phones. Make sure your mom and dad are not disturbed by suspicious people who try steal from them their hard saved money. TrackingCell allows you to know enough for your parents’ phone activities and look after them from a distance. With your parents’ cell phone equipped with TrackingCell you can make sure your parents don’t get involved in addictive sms games offering them the chance to win big prizes, if they text back the right answer to multiple-choice questions. Act gently and with respect to your parents. Do this completely discreetly and from a distance!

Know Where Your Aging Mom or Dad is at Any Moment!

Elderly people gradually become less alert and more likely to forget their belongings and get lost. You don't have to worry where your mom or dad is anymore. TrackingCell is specifically designed to alert you immediately if your mom or dad gets confused on the familiar way. The gps tracker will help you spare your parents the frightening experience of getting lost. TrackingCell application allows you to see your parents GPS locations instantly on a map! GPS positions are updated every couple of minutes and you can even follow your parents live on a map. TrackingCell is a valuable tool that will make your life easier and less stressful.