Track your Employees Phones and improve supervision


Monitor your employees through hidden phone tracking

Having trust in your employees is very important, and some would say that if a relationship of trust cannot exist, there should be no relationship at all. However, if you have mobile or remote workers, or people who are often out of the office, and they use devices such as mobile phones and tablets that you have provided them with, you will need to know that they are being use appropriately. You can now use phone tracking software in order to facilitate this.

As soon as you track your phone, you will be able to find out whether your employees are where they say they are and whether their time sheets are correct. You can see all their text messages, both sent and received, as well as phone calls (incoming, outgoing, missed and rejected). All files on the phone will be visible to you, including their browser history, their emails, their photographs and more.

Check the Current Location of Your Employees!

When you track your phone, you will know the exact location of the device historically and in real time. This information will be provided to you on a map, so you can see what the GPS coordinates of your employees are. You can see whether they are, where they have been, how they got there and how long they spent at the various locations. In fact, because of the program, you can even see a suggestion of the type of transportation that was used to get there.



An Application Working 100% Incognito!

TrackingCell remote monitoring application is 100% undetectable. It is discreet and works incognito! Your employees could never know you are monitoring their phones. The installation of the employee monitoring software on a device takes only a couple of minutes and then you can silently monitor the data flow from a distance. You are the only one who can turn it off.

The Extracted Data is Recorded to Your Private Area!

Having downloaded the TrackingCell cell phone tracker once, you will receive your own Private Area. It is so easy to work with it. To start keeping track of all smartphone activities, you only need to enter your e-mail address and password. Your TrackingCell Private Area is completely secure - only you have access to it! The extracted data is saved to your Private Area in encrypted format and the data transfer is also encrypted. The information is regularly updated in time intervals you specify!